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Monday, February 22, 2010

Two Musical Artists to Check Out!

A big part of The Woo Show, or this TWS Blog is having the cast get a chance to express themselves. A great avenue so that you guys can really see how diverse and amazing this TWS project really is.
The TWS cast represents the mission of The Woo Show by bringing a diversity into one package.

This blog entry from me illustrates that diversity and also another criteria of The Woo Show in letting unknown or non-established artists a platform to be seen.

For instance, two Musical Artists--repeat--Artists I have come across and really enjoy.

First up is Wolfgang Diondavich AKA Robert Lee Edge III

A fantastic artist which I would say is a mix of today`s "futuristic" sound. I get a feeling of the Neptunes, some Timbaland and Prince. In fact, Wolfgang's music and sound (his voice) reminds me of a Intergalactic Prince. If that makes any sense, well, that is what I hear.
You might have a different perception but you gotta check out his tracks.

Have a listen to his songs on his CherryTree Profile:

He has three tracks, Saturday's Piano; I Don't Want No More; and If I Kiss You.
Saturday`s Piano is a wonderful piano and drum beat track which signifies what the title is. I Don`t Want No More to me is very experimental in the sense that you get a feeling of a radio friendly track but you can hear the changes and experiments that Wolfgang has taken with it. Which I applaud him for doing so. You can hear his creativity.
If I Kiss You, well, this is where the whole Intergalactic Prince thing comes in. Be sure to purchase his The Boy & His Monsters album.

Have a listen and also be sure to check out his Wiki, very interesting guy:

The second artist which I recommend you check out is a brotha named Anonymous

Charles Russell from San Antonio, Texas. A Producer/Rapper making beats since the age of 17. Charles AKA Anonymous is...wait, hold up, GO TO HIS PROFILE PAGE NOW:

The man is a BEAST at the age of 21. Check out his entire library of tracks on his profile page. You will not only find variety in that his music ranges from Hip Hop to Electronica and Dance. He has catchy hooks, very technical lyrics, and he is really a great product of where music is truly heading.

One of his main influences is Lady Gaga, you can hear it on some of his tracks.

Let me highlight some of this dude's dopest tunes.

Women 2 Die 4--WOW, I just love the beat and his flow on this track. Precise and to the point. Reminds me of a very laid back RZA track to be honest, and I am Wu-Tang 4 Lyfe...The Saga always continues. This is a great track to listen to, highly recommended.

Ninja Assassin--Huh, why isn't this dude collaborating with The RZA for a new Wu track? The best part, his lyrics and flow is like RZA. My personal favorite track on his profile. You could have sworn that this was a Killer Bee dart from the Wu catalogue, but it is not. Amazing.

Space Opera Symphony--My second favorite. Very well laid out and well done. Killer track you can play in the club, in your car, or even when chillin' with your peoples. You know how you have a song to introduce your friends to a certain artist, this is one of those tracks. Exceptional. And I love the sound effects.

Alexa--A very well made Electronica track. Me personally, I am not into Electronica music, House, Techno, whatever. You ask me about this category or categories, I just tell you I like the song from Blade. You know, the track when they have the blood bath and Wesley Snipes comes in like a bad mofo and establishes that Blade is THE man. So, when a person like me likes this track then it is something because it is coming from a view that is completely outside. Excellent stuff here.

Radio--This reminds heavily of old skool Def Jam/Rick Rubin/Russell Simmons/LL Cool J/Eric B. & Rakim. From the beat, the flow, the lyrics, everything, I really enjoyed this track. What is great is that this track shows off how diverse his stuff is. Wait for a great surprise at 3:45 on the track. In fact, if you do love some old LL Cool J, this track is inspired by it actually. Thumbs up by me!

Those are my personal favorite, you might have different views or tracks, but YOU MUST LISTEN TO THEM!!!
In March/April of this year he will independently release his first full lenght album titled...Anonymous--Alpha: The Beginning.
You can also check back on his CherryTree Profile for his tracks because he will upload the entire album as well.

There you have it. Two exceptional artists which you must check out. Wolfgang and Anonymous is WHAT WE NEED IN MUSIC PEOPLE!!!

You will enjoy their stuff, guaranteed, and let others know about them.

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