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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2010 Winter Olympic Winter Games Opening Ceremonies...EPIC FAIL!!! right now, I'm watching the Olympic winter games opening ceremony. And all I have to say is WOW...what and EPIC FAIL...

Now as a Canadian...I'm going to apologize for saying what I'm about to say. It provided me with A LOT of laughs, and that's not such a bad thing. And I know you all worked very hard. Hell, I have friends working out there on the games. And I'm praying for their parts of the whole thing to go well. With a very horrible death now clouding these games in that horrific crash of Nodar Kumaritashvili of Georgia. All I'm going to say if that he died doing something that he loved. I've had the opportunity to meet some people who train for the Olympics. And the amount of dedication it takes to do what what do can only mean it's something they truly love love to do. It's a very hard life to be an Olympian, especially from some smaller countries, where they don't get the crazy endorsement dollars. But doing that dangerous sport and being good enough to qualify for the Olympic games must have meant he had dedicated himself to his dream. And that takes passion for what he did. And really, that's all we should ever hope to accomplish in this life. To do what we truely love to do, and be the best at it. And he did it. My condolences go out to his family for their loss.

Woah...that was deep...okay, now to do what I love to so...make fun of things. With it's missed ques, lip syncing, late dignitaries, awkward pauses, the dry, sarcastic humor of Brian Williams, exploited native heritage, all in a dome stadium from 1984 with a torch that doesn't work properly. BUT THAT'S NOT THE REAL TORCH! OH NO! The real torch was 20 minutes away. WITH a police escort. (And almost went out. WHO CAME UP WITH THAT NONSENSE?) Now I could go through the whole thing, and tell you everything that made me laugh. But watch it again, it'll be on all day.

But there all some cool parts. The video floor was pretty cool, and how they built the mountains out of colth, that was pretty awesome too. But The spoken word guy was amazing. I'm sorry I can't remember his name, I'll find it. But it made me realize that I do live in a very cool place, and I should be proud of all of the freedoms I'm given and have had for my whole life. I'm free to make fun of Nelly Furtado and Brian Adams not knowing where they come in during their obviously lip sinc-ed performance(watch it)...or the opening video of the snowboarder coming down the mountain, the big explosion where he's supposed to come into the stadium then the show of him, waiting on the little ramp before he slides down and into the stadium. (EPIC it), The native leaders from western Canada walking into the dignitaries 45 minutes late and DURING the solemn entrance of the GEORGIAN TEAM!!!! (I'm not it) Or about the 20 minute pause where the torch was supposed to come up but didn't work. (That was the best...) But I'm allowed to do this...because I live in Canada.

And this country has a lot of talent. Sarah McCoughlin and k.d. lang can sing...and proved it. And it had Wayne Gretzky...I mean, c'mon.

It's just my Toronto jealousy talking when I say these things. I do love Canada, but I'm from Toronto first. After not getting the 1996 OR the 2008 Olympics, I'm a little jealous of Vancouver, and parts of me want to find the failure. Which brings me to my shameless self promotion...Toronto vs. Vancouver is a sketch I wrote recently that came from the inner jealousy I have as a Torontoian and Vancouver hosting the 2010 Olympic Games. It should be out soon, so look for it.

Now I gotta go clean my apartment...

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