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The Woo Show is:

Cassius Crieghtney
Steve Kassan
Jean Jacques Durocher
Trevor Crane
Ian Kelk
Kayode The Entertainer
Julia MacPherson
Nunu Noonez
Kevin T. Graham
Shailene Emily Garnett
Morgan Torell

Created By: Rodney Woo
Produced by : We Shine Productions

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Something fresh, new, exciting and different is coming to Toronto.

That thing is...The Woo Show!

The Woo Show, or, TWS, is a brand new comedy & variety series, but, what is it exactly. Well, imagine if you are making a smoothie. And instead of fruits and some whey protein, you include these ingredients: In Living Color, Saturday Night Live, The Chappelle Show, Second City, The Benny Hill Show, and Monty Python. You mash it up, the end result is the refreshing TWS. Mmmm...this is something you can't bottle up.

As the brainchild of creator Rodney Woo--hence the name, duh--TWS is an incorporation of many things that is comedy. From written sketches, improv, stand up, street performance, musically themed sketches, and even some animation, TWS is clearly the true definition of a variety show.

However, what makes TWS really unique is it's cast. The ensemble cast is so varied and diverse, it is what makes this project so special. Seeing as we hail from Toronto, Canada, a true melting pot of cultures, we bring that into TWS by our influences. For instance, myself, I grew up on BBC comedy such as The Benny Hill Show, Faulty Towers, Allo Allo, Only Fools & Horses, but also American sitcoms such as Sanford & Son, In Living Color, and my personal favorite, Married...with Children. My musical influences go from The Troggs, Little Richard, Wu-Tang Clan, Prince, and Public Enemy. We have cast members which represent the old skool and the new skool.

I one main problem I see with comedy groups is that you get a core group who are like minded, but also that one anomaly which brings in a different audience. Remember when Eddie Murphy joined SNL? Or, when Jim Carrey was on In Living Color? What they have in common is that they tapped into an audience which might not have enjoyed those programs if it weren't for their involvement. What is truly special about TWS is that we tap into ALL audiences and genres. Everyone is invited to take into TWS.

You will witness that first hand with this blog as the cast will be posting their thoughts, feelings, and progress of the show. You will see how diverse we are. Just when you think you have seen everything, we change the picture.

You can quote me on that.

The Woo Show is coming...stay tuned.

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