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Monday, February 22, 2010

Two Musical Artists to Check Out!

A big part of The Woo Show, or this TWS Blog is having the cast get a chance to express themselves. A great avenue so that you guys can really see how diverse and amazing this TWS project really is.
The TWS cast represents the mission of The Woo Show by bringing a diversity into one package.

This blog entry from me illustrates that diversity and also another criteria of The Woo Show in letting unknown or non-established artists a platform to be seen.

For instance, two Musical Artists--repeat--Artists I have come across and really enjoy.

First up is Wolfgang Diondavich AKA Robert Lee Edge III

A fantastic artist which I would say is a mix of today`s "futuristic" sound. I get a feeling of the Neptunes, some Timbaland and Prince. In fact, Wolfgang's music and sound (his voice) reminds me of a Intergalactic Prince. If that makes any sense, well, that is what I hear.
You might have a different perception but you gotta check out his tracks.

Have a listen to his songs on his CherryTree Profile:

He has three tracks, Saturday's Piano; I Don't Want No More; and If I Kiss You.
Saturday`s Piano is a wonderful piano and drum beat track which signifies what the title is. I Don`t Want No More to me is very experimental in the sense that you get a feeling of a radio friendly track but you can hear the changes and experiments that Wolfgang has taken with it. Which I applaud him for doing so. You can hear his creativity.
If I Kiss You, well, this is where the whole Intergalactic Prince thing comes in. Be sure to purchase his The Boy & His Monsters album.

Have a listen and also be sure to check out his Wiki, very interesting guy:

The second artist which I recommend you check out is a brotha named Anonymous

Charles Russell from San Antonio, Texas. A Producer/Rapper making beats since the age of 17. Charles AKA Anonymous is...wait, hold up, GO TO HIS PROFILE PAGE NOW:

The man is a BEAST at the age of 21. Check out his entire library of tracks on his profile page. You will not only find variety in that his music ranges from Hip Hop to Electronica and Dance. He has catchy hooks, very technical lyrics, and he is really a great product of where music is truly heading.

One of his main influences is Lady Gaga, you can hear it on some of his tracks.

Let me highlight some of this dude's dopest tunes.

Women 2 Die 4--WOW, I just love the beat and his flow on this track. Precise and to the point. Reminds me of a very laid back RZA track to be honest, and I am Wu-Tang 4 Lyfe...The Saga always continues. This is a great track to listen to, highly recommended.

Ninja Assassin--Huh, why isn't this dude collaborating with The RZA for a new Wu track? The best part, his lyrics and flow is like RZA. My personal favorite track on his profile. You could have sworn that this was a Killer Bee dart from the Wu catalogue, but it is not. Amazing.

Space Opera Symphony--My second favorite. Very well laid out and well done. Killer track you can play in the club, in your car, or even when chillin' with your peoples. You know how you have a song to introduce your friends to a certain artist, this is one of those tracks. Exceptional. And I love the sound effects.

Alexa--A very well made Electronica track. Me personally, I am not into Electronica music, House, Techno, whatever. You ask me about this category or categories, I just tell you I like the song from Blade. You know, the track when they have the blood bath and Wesley Snipes comes in like a bad mofo and establishes that Blade is THE man. So, when a person like me likes this track then it is something because it is coming from a view that is completely outside. Excellent stuff here.

Radio--This reminds heavily of old skool Def Jam/Rick Rubin/Russell Simmons/LL Cool J/Eric B. & Rakim. From the beat, the flow, the lyrics, everything, I really enjoyed this track. What is great is that this track shows off how diverse his stuff is. Wait for a great surprise at 3:45 on the track. In fact, if you do love some old LL Cool J, this track is inspired by it actually. Thumbs up by me!

Those are my personal favorite, you might have different views or tracks, but YOU MUST LISTEN TO THEM!!!
In March/April of this year he will independently release his first full lenght album titled...Anonymous--Alpha: The Beginning.
You can also check back on his CherryTree Profile for his tracks because he will upload the entire album as well.

There you have it. Two exceptional artists which you must check out. Wolfgang and Anonymous is WHAT WE NEED IN MUSIC PEOPLE!!!

You will enjoy their stuff, guaranteed, and let others know about them.

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How I feel about the olympics

You know what I hate about the Olympics? You hear so much about them….. from how amazing our teams are and how fun it is to watch. You ever notice how every time you watch the Olympics it’s always the most boring and stupid sports? Honestly, Every time I flip the channel I sh*t you not, the only thing on is curling. And it’s on every frigin channel! What the hell? Why is this always on? What the heck happened downhill skiing or figure skating or something? These people are making this so hard for me! And like, I’m trying so hard to watch these games, cause everyone always talks about it all the time and let’s just face it, you don’t want to be that guy who has no clue of what their talking about, that fringing sucks!

“Hey bob! Did you catch the hockey game last night? Oh, MAN that was insane!”

“Oh my god, man I KNOW! It was so f*cking good man. Did you see it J.-J.?”

“(looks at them dissapointed) …… I watched curling………(sniffles)”

“(they both laugh at him)”

I hate that! So here I am…… watching curling. Little did I know that a game lasts like 3 and half hours….. IT TAKES FOREVER! Christ, I can watch the last Lord of the Rings movie in that amount of time, you know what I’m saying? IT’S LOOOOOONG! Let’s speed this up, fella! We have lives to be livin’! You wanna know the worst part about this story? I watched curling so f*cking much, I got into curling. I know the terms, the rules, everything!! How sad is my life that I look forward to watching curling now? How boring can someone life get when someone asks you on a Friday night,

“Hey! You want to go see a movie?”

“No man I can’t….. curling is on! I have to watch those old cronies! I’d be crazy to miss this one!”

So the next time you think about watching the Olympics, avoid curling at all costs. Or you might end up enjoying it and……who knows, one day you might be one of those unattractive cronies.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Drunken Beaver Productions--DBP!

We are here at The Woo Show like to help out our peoples.

Case in point, Drunken Beaver Productions

Our latest video, and our best one to date, is Kindergarten Gaga. If you do not know about it, what if Lady Gaga took over a kindergarten class? Well, find out here why don't cha:

For this special video, I called on some of my friends whom I work with. Drunken Beaver Productions is a Toronto based Film & Video production company specializing in theatrical & short films, television, events, commercials, 3D animations and much more. Their main goal is like all of us in this crazy industry, to get to that level where their product will endure the test of time. It is only just a matter of time before that happens. And the cool thing is, myself get to be part of the ride!

Drunken Beaver Productions is a three man group. Lance Fernandes, Mark Capone and Sid Nagenthiram. These guys are the epitome of professionalism. Everything they put out is the highest and purest quality. No joke. Take a look again at that Gaga video. Even if you do not like the video or do not get the jokes, the one thing you cannot say is that it looks cheap. That video is amazing to watch and that is because of these guys. When you call DBP for something, you are guaranteed quality. Content and Quality, two words that define Drunken Beaver Productions.

What is so amazing about this three man team is that they take on many different hats. Lance both Directs and Edits, he has an amazing eye for the camera. He is my local Scorcesse or Spike Lee or Fincher or Kurosawa. You know directors who have a great eye for the camera. That is Lance buddy. Sid, he is a great writer and director as well. In fact, he comes up with some of the best story ideas to put down. And, Mark. Well, take a look at his YouTube page to see what this man can do:

They have covered weddings and events, take a look at their YouTube page:

Take a look at some wedding videos they did for their friends. They are parodies made for the Bridal party and the Groomsmen. The Bridal party took on a parody of Paris Hilton's BFF or whatever it is called. The Groom party was a parody of Ocean's Eleven and IT IS A MUST SEE!!!!

Bridal Party:

Grooms Party:

Now, lets take a look at the Ocean's Eleven parody, entitled, Choi's Eleven. When I got sent that video I was like, "Lance, this is AMAZING! This is exactly like the trailer...except for the Phillippino guys of course, lol." It really is amazing, they went in to meticulous detail to get everything proper, the lighting, placements of bodies, even the jewelry on the guy who plays the Elliott Gould character. All this for a wedding video? See, these guys come correct.

Also have a look at the trailer for a short film they made called, Flirting with Disaster: This is special because not only did I help with the crew but I also got to be featured in the film. They allowed me to, :D Also, it features gore and makeup effects by Toronto's own, The Gore Brothers. Wait for the real surprise at the end of the clip.

See, Content and Quality guys. Also on the website and page is their great demo reel:

A great Zombie-themed video for the Scene Card contest:

A short animation film for the Nine Inch Nails Obsolete Film Festival. A must watch and very poignant:

Some silly Batman tribute video. (Note: I HATE Batman. I CANNOT STAND Batman. He sucks. DAREDEVIL for the win!)

All you comic book lovers, take a look at their motion comic of Wolverine VS. The Hulk: Amazing stuff here guys. HULK SMASH!

Keep out on the look for DBP, in 2010, I will have the privilege of working with them again on their future & great projects, but they will also take part in The Woo Show as well. Hey, we gotta help and stick together. If we don't, who will right?

Drunken Beaver Productions. Remember it.

And, come on. That is the greatest name for a production company EVER and it is SO Canadian. After all, we do have the best beer and the best beaver...ZING!

Something fresh, new, exciting and different is coming to Toronto.

That thing is...The Woo Show!

The Woo Show, or, TWS, is a brand new comedy & variety series, but, what is it exactly. Well, imagine if you are making a smoothie. And instead of fruits and some whey protein, you include these ingredients: In Living Color, Saturday Night Live, The Chappelle Show, Second City, The Benny Hill Show, and Monty Python. You mash it up, the end result is the refreshing TWS. Mmmm...this is something you can't bottle up.

As the brainchild of creator Rodney Woo--hence the name, duh--TWS is an incorporation of many things that is comedy. From written sketches, improv, stand up, street performance, musically themed sketches, and even some animation, TWS is clearly the true definition of a variety show.

However, what makes TWS really unique is it's cast. The ensemble cast is so varied and diverse, it is what makes this project so special. Seeing as we hail from Toronto, Canada, a true melting pot of cultures, we bring that into TWS by our influences. For instance, myself, I grew up on BBC comedy such as The Benny Hill Show, Faulty Towers, Allo Allo, Only Fools & Horses, but also American sitcoms such as Sanford & Son, In Living Color, and my personal favorite, Married...with Children. My musical influences go from The Troggs, Little Richard, Wu-Tang Clan, Prince, and Public Enemy. We have cast members which represent the old skool and the new skool.

I one main problem I see with comedy groups is that you get a core group who are like minded, but also that one anomaly which brings in a different audience. Remember when Eddie Murphy joined SNL? Or, when Jim Carrey was on In Living Color? What they have in common is that they tapped into an audience which might not have enjoyed those programs if it weren't for their involvement. What is truly special about TWS is that we tap into ALL audiences and genres. Everyone is invited to take into TWS.

You will witness that first hand with this blog as the cast will be posting their thoughts, feelings, and progress of the show. You will see how diverse we are. Just when you think you have seen everything, we change the picture.

You can quote me on that.

The Woo Show is coming...stay tuned. I guess I get to be the first. So where to start...If everyone hasn't seen them yet, here all the previews of "The Woo Show":

First, the one that started it all.... Two fans who love Arnold Schwarzenegger... you could call them the Negger Lovers...

This one we did 2 days after the infamous Kanye West/Taylor Swift debacle at the MTV Music Awards. In this one, I don't know who's funnier; Kayode The Entertainer's Kanye West, or the City of Toronto's Taylor Swift.

Cassius is one talented mother...(shut your mouth)...but I'm just talking about Cassius. This one was done just a week after the untimely death of The King of Pop...Micheal Jackson. And Cassius uses it to pick up chicks...too soon??

Ian Kelk does his thing in this one as "The Scottish Therapist", who is overly dramatic and gets every patient's problem wrong all the time. Pretty funny...

And finally, here's our biggest production to date. All done inside Steve's church, if you can believe that. Steve Kasan is a funny guy...and Julia could get a job as a Lady Gaga impersonator if The Woo Show doesn't pan out for her. The premise...Lady Gaga becomes a substitute kindergarten teacher. I guess because the whole music thing didn't pan out for her. (Of special note...I did all the choreography for this one...that's right, I rule.)

This is all just a small taste of things to come. On the horizon, Toronto and Vancouver square off, an English girl teaches other English girls how to get themselves a French man and the debut of Kempo Kelly. It's The Woo Show, bitch. Bettah axe somebody.

2010 Winter Olympic Winter Games Opening Ceremonies...EPIC FAIL!!! right now, I'm watching the Olympic winter games opening ceremony. And all I have to say is WOW...what and EPIC FAIL...

Now as a Canadian...I'm going to apologize for saying what I'm about to say. It provided me with A LOT of laughs, and that's not such a bad thing. And I know you all worked very hard. Hell, I have friends working out there on the games. And I'm praying for their parts of the whole thing to go well. With a very horrible death now clouding these games in that horrific crash of Nodar Kumaritashvili of Georgia. All I'm going to say if that he died doing something that he loved. I've had the opportunity to meet some people who train for the Olympics. And the amount of dedication it takes to do what what do can only mean it's something they truly love love to do. It's a very hard life to be an Olympian, especially from some smaller countries, where they don't get the crazy endorsement dollars. But doing that dangerous sport and being good enough to qualify for the Olympic games must have meant he had dedicated himself to his dream. And that takes passion for what he did. And really, that's all we should ever hope to accomplish in this life. To do what we truely love to do, and be the best at it. And he did it. My condolences go out to his family for their loss.

Woah...that was deep...okay, now to do what I love to so...make fun of things. With it's missed ques, lip syncing, late dignitaries, awkward pauses, the dry, sarcastic humor of Brian Williams, exploited native heritage, all in a dome stadium from 1984 with a torch that doesn't work properly. BUT THAT'S NOT THE REAL TORCH! OH NO! The real torch was 20 minutes away. WITH a police escort. (And almost went out. WHO CAME UP WITH THAT NONSENSE?) Now I could go through the whole thing, and tell you everything that made me laugh. But watch it again, it'll be on all day.

But there all some cool parts. The video floor was pretty cool, and how they built the mountains out of colth, that was pretty awesome too. But The spoken word guy was amazing. I'm sorry I can't remember his name, I'll find it. But it made me realize that I do live in a very cool place, and I should be proud of all of the freedoms I'm given and have had for my whole life. I'm free to make fun of Nelly Furtado and Brian Adams not knowing where they come in during their obviously lip sinc-ed performance(watch it)...or the opening video of the snowboarder coming down the mountain, the big explosion where he's supposed to come into the stadium then the show of him, waiting on the little ramp before he slides down and into the stadium. (EPIC it), The native leaders from western Canada walking into the dignitaries 45 minutes late and DURING the solemn entrance of the GEORGIAN TEAM!!!! (I'm not it) Or about the 20 minute pause where the torch was supposed to come up but didn't work. (That was the best...) But I'm allowed to do this...because I live in Canada.

And this country has a lot of talent. Sarah McCoughlin and k.d. lang can sing...and proved it. And it had Wayne Gretzky...I mean, c'mon.

It's just my Toronto jealousy talking when I say these things. I do love Canada, but I'm from Toronto first. After not getting the 1996 OR the 2008 Olympics, I'm a little jealous of Vancouver, and parts of me want to find the failure. Which brings me to my shameless self promotion...Toronto vs. Vancouver is a sketch I wrote recently that came from the inner jealousy I have as a Torontoian and Vancouver hosting the 2010 Olympic Games. It should be out soon, so look for it.

Now I gotta go clean my apartment...