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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Drunken Beaver Productions--DBP!

We are here at The Woo Show like to help out our peoples.

Case in point, Drunken Beaver Productions

Our latest video, and our best one to date, is Kindergarten Gaga. If you do not know about it, what if Lady Gaga took over a kindergarten class? Well, find out here why don't cha:

For this special video, I called on some of my friends whom I work with. Drunken Beaver Productions is a Toronto based Film & Video production company specializing in theatrical & short films, television, events, commercials, 3D animations and much more. Their main goal is like all of us in this crazy industry, to get to that level where their product will endure the test of time. It is only just a matter of time before that happens. And the cool thing is, myself get to be part of the ride!

Drunken Beaver Productions is a three man group. Lance Fernandes, Mark Capone and Sid Nagenthiram. These guys are the epitome of professionalism. Everything they put out is the highest and purest quality. No joke. Take a look again at that Gaga video. Even if you do not like the video or do not get the jokes, the one thing you cannot say is that it looks cheap. That video is amazing to watch and that is because of these guys. When you call DBP for something, you are guaranteed quality. Content and Quality, two words that define Drunken Beaver Productions.

What is so amazing about this three man team is that they take on many different hats. Lance both Directs and Edits, he has an amazing eye for the camera. He is my local Scorcesse or Spike Lee or Fincher or Kurosawa. You know directors who have a great eye for the camera. That is Lance buddy. Sid, he is a great writer and director as well. In fact, he comes up with some of the best story ideas to put down. And, Mark. Well, take a look at his YouTube page to see what this man can do:

They have covered weddings and events, take a look at their YouTube page:

Take a look at some wedding videos they did for their friends. They are parodies made for the Bridal party and the Groomsmen. The Bridal party took on a parody of Paris Hilton's BFF or whatever it is called. The Groom party was a parody of Ocean's Eleven and IT IS A MUST SEE!!!!

Bridal Party:

Grooms Party:

Now, lets take a look at the Ocean's Eleven parody, entitled, Choi's Eleven. When I got sent that video I was like, "Lance, this is AMAZING! This is exactly like the trailer...except for the Phillippino guys of course, lol." It really is amazing, they went in to meticulous detail to get everything proper, the lighting, placements of bodies, even the jewelry on the guy who plays the Elliott Gould character. All this for a wedding video? See, these guys come correct.

Also have a look at the trailer for a short film they made called, Flirting with Disaster: This is special because not only did I help with the crew but I also got to be featured in the film. They allowed me to, :D Also, it features gore and makeup effects by Toronto's own, The Gore Brothers. Wait for the real surprise at the end of the clip.

See, Content and Quality guys. Also on the website and page is their great demo reel:

A great Zombie-themed video for the Scene Card contest:

A short animation film for the Nine Inch Nails Obsolete Film Festival. A must watch and very poignant:

Some silly Batman tribute video. (Note: I HATE Batman. I CANNOT STAND Batman. He sucks. DAREDEVIL for the win!)

All you comic book lovers, take a look at their motion comic of Wolverine VS. The Hulk: Amazing stuff here guys. HULK SMASH!

Keep out on the look for DBP, in 2010, I will have the privilege of working with them again on their future & great projects, but they will also take part in The Woo Show as well. Hey, we gotta help and stick together. If we don't, who will right?

Drunken Beaver Productions. Remember it.

And, come on. That is the greatest name for a production company EVER and it is SO Canadian. After all, we do have the best beer and the best beaver...ZING!

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