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Monday, February 22, 2010

How I feel about the olympics

You know what I hate about the Olympics? You hear so much about them….. from how amazing our teams are and how fun it is to watch. You ever notice how every time you watch the Olympics it’s always the most boring and stupid sports? Honestly, Every time I flip the channel I sh*t you not, the only thing on is curling. And it’s on every frigin channel! What the hell? Why is this always on? What the heck happened downhill skiing or figure skating or something? These people are making this so hard for me! And like, I’m trying so hard to watch these games, cause everyone always talks about it all the time and let’s just face it, you don’t want to be that guy who has no clue of what their talking about, that fringing sucks!

“Hey bob! Did you catch the hockey game last night? Oh, MAN that was insane!”

“Oh my god, man I KNOW! It was so f*cking good man. Did you see it J.-J.?”

“(looks at them dissapointed) …… I watched curling………(sniffles)”

“(they both laugh at him)”

I hate that! So here I am…… watching curling. Little did I know that a game lasts like 3 and half hours….. IT TAKES FOREVER! Christ, I can watch the last Lord of the Rings movie in that amount of time, you know what I’m saying? IT’S LOOOOOONG! Let’s speed this up, fella! We have lives to be livin’! You wanna know the worst part about this story? I watched curling so f*cking much, I got into curling. I know the terms, the rules, everything!! How sad is my life that I look forward to watching curling now? How boring can someone life get when someone asks you on a Friday night,

“Hey! You want to go see a movie?”

“No man I can’t….. curling is on! I have to watch those old cronies! I’d be crazy to miss this one!”

So the next time you think about watching the Olympics, avoid curling at all costs. Or you might end up enjoying it and……who knows, one day you might be one of those unattractive cronies.

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  1. damn curling! It's tearing these Olympics apart!!!