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Welcome to The Woo Show Blog! Like Dave Chappelle? In Living Color? SNL? Whose Line Is It Anyways? You will love The Woo Show! Yes, its The Woo Show coming strait out of Toronto, Canada. Here you can follow the cast and crew on their own, personal blogs!!! Isn't technology great?!?!

The Woo Show is:

Cassius Crieghtney
Steve Kassan
Jean Jacques Durocher
Trevor Crane
Ian Kelk
Kayode The Entertainer
Julia MacPherson
Nunu Noonez
Kevin T. Graham
Shailene Emily Garnett
Morgan Torell

Created By: Rodney Woo
Produced by : We Shine Productions

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010 I guess I get to be the first. So where to start...If everyone hasn't seen them yet, here all the previews of "The Woo Show":

First, the one that started it all.... Two fans who love Arnold Schwarzenegger... you could call them the Negger Lovers...

This one we did 2 days after the infamous Kanye West/Taylor Swift debacle at the MTV Music Awards. In this one, I don't know who's funnier; Kayode The Entertainer's Kanye West, or the City of Toronto's Taylor Swift.

Cassius is one talented mother...(shut your mouth)...but I'm just talking about Cassius. This one was done just a week after the untimely death of The King of Pop...Micheal Jackson. And Cassius uses it to pick up chicks...too soon??

Ian Kelk does his thing in this one as "The Scottish Therapist", who is overly dramatic and gets every patient's problem wrong all the time. Pretty funny...

And finally, here's our biggest production to date. All done inside Steve's church, if you can believe that. Steve Kasan is a funny guy...and Julia could get a job as a Lady Gaga impersonator if The Woo Show doesn't pan out for her. The premise...Lady Gaga becomes a substitute kindergarten teacher. I guess because the whole music thing didn't pan out for her. (Of special note...I did all the choreography for this one...that's right, I rule.)

This is all just a small taste of things to come. On the horizon, Toronto and Vancouver square off, an English girl teaches other English girls how to get themselves a French man and the debut of Kempo Kelly. It's The Woo Show, bitch. Bettah axe somebody.

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