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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oscar thoughts

Okay, so the 82nd Academy Awards AKA the biggest kiss-butt party in all of Hollywood which I hope to part of in the future, just happened on Sunday.
I will admit to say that I did not watch the telecast. I was instead at my friend's place, Tazito G, who is also an Actor/Model/Stuntman/Writer/Martial Artist/ and he teaches Capoeira. Join his fan page on facebook:

Anyways, I was at his place with other friends watching Jackie Chan movies. Tazito is also a huge fan of Uncle Jackie, and has even met the great one! We did a Jackie Chan marathon over the weekend. Drunken Master, Snake in Eagle's Shadow, Legend of Drunken Master, Project A, Project A 2, Dragon Lord, Police Story 1, 2, 3, Supercop, New Police Story. Ah, fun times.

But, being into this crazy film industry and with aspirations of going to networking parties in LA and telling James Cameron that he truly is the King of the World--which he is--I was interested and checked out the results Monday morning.


Now, this is only my opinion but it must be shared. What the Frig was that with The Hurt Locker? Now, I like the movie, it was a fun action feature, but BEST PICTURE AWARD??? Get tha F outta here mang. No way did this film deserved to be a best picture award.

Honest to God, Avatar should have raked in the awards. Now, I say this not liking both Avatar and The Hurt Locker. They were both good movies, but not the stand out BEST from 2009. Honestly, that award should have gone to Up In The Air, the film by Jason Reitman starring Clooney. Up In The Air was a fantastic film, then again, this is just my opinion on it. To me, I found that Up In The Air was the one film out of the bunch that deserved the best picture win. But, again, I felt that Avatar should have won. Here is why:

Avatar recons back to the epic films which Hollywood is capable of. I'm not talking about Transformers or Batman, that is not epic. I mean, EPIC. The Greatest Story epic. Ben-Hur epic. Gladiator epic. Braveheart epic. Lord of the Rings epic. Films that define the word. Today we throw the term "epic" like it was flapjacks at Dennys to films which are mediocre at best. I remember to what Mr. Incredible said in the film, The Incredibles. "We're giving him a medal to mediocrity"-or something like that. It is true, today we salute mediocrity.

Avatar should have taken the best picture award. I bet you next year, are you even going to remember The Hurt Locker? No. But, I do remember when Titanic took all the awards. I remember when Mel Gibson won for Braveheart in best film and best direction. I remember when Gladiator won. Those were epics, and, Avatar should have swept the Oscars. I guess, it just goes with tradition.

Why it did not win, my theory, it was the Academy's big F-U to Cameron. Fine, whatever, but award it to another film, not The Hurt Locker. See, here is the thing, these Academy Awards are sorely based on marketing. Producers behind the scenes market their film to the academy to win rather than honestly accepting the best pure performance. When there is momentum, buzz, and marketing behind it, it is sure a win...most of the time.

Take for instance, Mo'Nique in Precious. WoW...that was the biggest travesty of her winning I have ever seen!!! What in the hell did she do to deserve an Oscar for best supporting? Really? Someone tell me? And, don't tell me she gave an amazing performance. There is another word we just throw out for mediocre things. Amazing in what? All she did in that film was cuss at Precious, tell her that she doesn't like eating cold pig feet, throw things at her, smoke, and cuss some more. Wow, really, you award a statue for that? Basically being a jerk?
My boss is a jerk, award him an Oscar too. Ike Turner was a jerk-ass, give him a statue. Get the F outta here mang.
Honestly, what the hell did she do in that film? Don't come her and tell me about her speech at the end. What? Really? For one scene you're giving her a statue. To quote Nunu, Woo Show cast member, from his line in Kindergarten Gaga: "That's just plain dumb!"
The same thing happened with Judi Dench where she won a statue for just 10 minutes of screen time. This whole supporting actor/actress category is really a messed up won. Sometimes they get it right, most of the time, WRONG!
You know who really deserved a nod from Precious, Paula Patton. She played Ms. Rain in the film and was an anchor to Precious. She gave an incredible performance and deserved a nod. Instead, we get Mo'Nique who said something about it was about the performance and not the politics.

Yeah, okay there Mo. Your win is total POLITICS! Get the F outta here mang.

Sandra Bullock winning. Yeah, I won't touch that. How can you win a Razzie for worst performance and win an Oscar in one weekend? Only, Bullock I suppose.

Back to the main point, Avatar should have won and swept this year's Oscar awards.
I like Bigelow, I like her films and the way she directs. I like the fact she is a woman who does action films. And she is pretty HOT for a 50 year-old, WOW. James, why did you let her go? Winning for The Hurt Locker? Nah, wrong film to win it.

The Hurt Locker is pretty generic. A friend of mine told me it does a lot of damage for the millitary than anything. Also, another travesty, Jeremy Renner getting a nod for his performance. What did he do that was so memorable? He was basically a one-note character. If that is the case, why not give the Col. in Avatar a nod too? He was one-note, but he was memorable though. You know who should have gotten a nod in acting from that film, Anthony Mackie who plays Sgt. JT Sanborn. His character goes through an arc and a change. His character drives the film, Renner's is just along for the ride.

I guess it goes back to my theory of the Academy giving a big F-U to James Cameron. But, why at the expense of The Coen Brothers, Reitman, and Up?

Oh man, UP!!! Let me take back what I said about Up In The Air. UP truly is the best film. Yes, it is animated but it is amazing. The montage scene of UP is just incredible and totally destroys most of the full features that came out in 2009. Here, have a look at what I mean:

Now, in these 4 minutes and 17 seconds, you are given an entire life of two people. You understand the dynamic of both of them, their character, what they did, who they are, and a tearful but sweet end. All in 4 MINUTES humanoids. Do you realize this??? These 4 minutes practically told you an entire story where ass Avatar, Up In The Air, The Hurt Locker and Precious needed past 90 minutes.

I am glad that it won best animated, but, you can substitue most of the best animated films and put them in the best picture category. The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Up, Coraline, these are great films. Don't underestimate them just because they are animated. Pixar always gets a heartful reaction out of you when top celebrities/movie actors cannot do it one bit!

Well, another Oscar done and gone. Feel free to post your remarks or whatever. I do have a feeling that anyone that does comment, I'm going to be saying "Get tha F outta here mang".

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