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Morgan Torell

Created By: Rodney Woo
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Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Woo Show- my dream

Whats up everyone?

Just wanted to let you all know where the concept of The Woo Show came from. So here goes.....
I have always been a fan of comedy. From when I was kid watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air, to watching The Simpsons, to sneaking out of my bed to catch glimpses of In Living Color when it came on late at night. Even watching Allo Allo, the hit Brit comedy back in the days. Ive always loved comedy.

It was only suiting that when I found my passion for film and directing, that I make my fist big step in the direction of comedy.

So why The Woo Show you ask?? Well since moving to Toronto about 14 years ago, I realized that Toronto is a city filled with talent. An untapped talent at that. There are so many people out there that have yet to be discovered, and I have yet to hear about a huge movement in comedy coming from T Dot.

So I started thinking, what if I combine all the different angles of comedy and mix it into one bowl? What if I put a label on that bowl that read 'MADE IN TORONTO'? What if?? Hmmm?

So to make a long story short, I started my business in video production called it WeShine Productions- We Seek Heaven IN Everything Productions. My first order of business was to get started on this idea I had. Like I said, Ive always loved In Living Color, Ive also loved Whose Line Is It Anyways, Dave Chappelle, Mad TV. So what If I make this new comedy idea into a sketch show like those shows, but combine it all? I have never seen anything like it in Toronto. All I hear about in Toronto are film makers, making short films, or music videos. I wanna be different than them.

So i did. I put out a casting call to get the best mix of "funny people" I wanted to represent Toronto the best way. A multicultural clash! I think, so far I did that.

I made my cast, started to shoot different ideas for sketches and threw in some stand up, street stuff, improv, musical scenes, and The Woo Show was born. Very random I know, but it goes with the concept of the show ;)- Random!

So right now, The Woo Show is at the stages of getting the pilot done to pitch to a network. I just want to take this time to ask everyone for their support and I also want to thank everyone who has supported and contributed in any way to the soon to be success of the show. Thank you, and continue to support.

My cast is also the best. Period! Get to know them. Check out the preview sketches on youtube and all over the net.

The Woo Show- random, unique, funny, kick-ass, different, new, fresh, crazy, entertaining, Toronto, Worldwide!

Thanks yall!
Rodney Wo0

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